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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  January 13, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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pile up as more documents are made public. >> just horrific. sara, thank you so much. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. you can follow me on twitter. i turn you over now to one mr. wolf blitzer right next door in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, forced apology. u.s. sailors held overnight by iran are freed but not before one of them is shown apologizing. as iran enjoys a propaganda victory, new details emerging on the high stakes negotiations that led to the release. king abdullah, my exclusive interview with the jordanian monarch. i'll ask one of america's best friends in the muslim world about donald trump's call for a temporary ban on muslims coming into the united states. and he also speaks frankly about what he calls a global war against the outlaws of islam. obama's big night. the president lays out a lofty agenda for his last year in office including launching a moon shot to cure cancer. but can he reach any of his
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goals? and a party divided. even as president obama calls for fixing politics, there's a growing war of words within his own party over guns and health care. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room". iran has released ten u.s. sailors, but it's also released stark images of their capture by revolutionary guards. it showed one of the sailors apologizing for straying into iranian waters. secretary of state john kerry has thanked iran for its prompt release of the sailors and their boats stressing that things went relatively smoothly because of recent nuclear diplomacy with iran. the incident comes days before a full activation of the deal which freezes iran's nuclear program and eases sanctions. in my exclusive interview jordan's king abdullah voices his concerns over iran's behavior in the region especially as it stands to gain $100 billion in sanctions
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relief. he says jordan wants to hit isis harder and insists isis can be defeated quickly in both syria and iraq. but the king is also warning that the global war against outlaws of islam like isis could take a lot longer, maybe a generation. i'll speak with senator james risch of the intelligence and foreign relations committees. and our correspondents, analysts and guests they'll have full coverage of all the day's top stories. iran has freed ten u.s. sailors and their patrol boats, but the fallout over the incident is continuing. we begin with our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. barbara, what is the very latest? >> wolf, at this hour we are more than a day into this incident. and so far the obama administration revealing very few details. a lot of diplomatic congratulations all the way around, but just one problem, ten sailors were held in iran. how did it happen? an apology from a u.s. navy sailor. >> it was a mistake that was our
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fault. and we apologize for our mistake. >> reporter: it is not clear from the video that the sailor was speaking voluntarily. the u.s. government has not yet said under what circumstance the statement was made or if it was made under duress. but no formal apology from secretary of state john kerry during his multiple phone calls with iran's foreign minister. kerry offering a diplomatic view of iran's release of the ten i sailors. >> i also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are always situations which as everybody here knows have an ability if not properly guided to get out of control. >> iran's foreign minister tweeting in part, happy to see dialogue and respect, not threats and impetuousness. if the u.s. navy investigation shows the boats did drift into
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iranian waters, the obama administration knows it has little to complain about. >> from a military perspective what the iranians did was completely appropriate. had the situation been reversed, we would have done exactly the same thing. >> but there are these provocative images of u.s. navy sailors on their knees surrendering to a boarding party of armed iranian revolutionary guard corps troops, hardliners in the region broadcast on iranian television for the whole world to see. the u.s. sailors seen stripped of their weapons, clearly uncertain what will happen next. after spending the night ashore at 12:13 local time iranian forces released the american sailors from farsi island. they departed on the same two boats they'd been captured on and headed to the uss anzio, a u.s. naval positioned in the persian gulf. from the anzio sailors were
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transferred to uss truman aircraft carrier and then flown to shore. the pressure now on the u.s. navy to explain how all of this could have happened. >> the fault here is not that the iranians took americans into custody, the fault here is that the u.s. navy somehow got two small lightly defended, lightly manned only ten navy sailors on board these two boats together, how did these two boats wind up inside iranian territorial waters? this is a question the u.s. navy has to answer. >> and those questions have not yet been answered. in fact, there are some who are wondering if the pentagon is taking too light a tone on all of this. under international maritime procedures, mariners in distress are supposed to be rendered aid and then sent on their way, not held in detention, wolf. >> good point. thanks very much, barbara, for that. let's bring in our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. you're talking to top u.s. officials. what are you hearing about what may have happened? >> u.s. officials are saying unequivocally there was and has been no official apology from
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the u.s. to iran for this incident. john kerry did not call jav javad zarif and apologize. in the midst of this on camera one of the u.s. sailors apologizing taking responsibility for having moved into iranian waters. but what u.s. officials are doing in conversations they're raising questions about the substance of that apology because they're saying that when they're in detention in effect of the iranian authorities that you would consider that apology, wolf, to be under duress. and regardless it does not represent the position of the u.s. government. >> this incident took place as you know just days before what's called a final implementation of the iran nuclear deal, lifting of sanctions, other steps that will aid iran. what role if any do you think that played in releasing these americans? >> a lot of people watching this iran deal say we may have seen a pragmatic streak in the supreme leader khomeini. this is the result of two years more of difficult negotiations with the u.s. iran has an enormous amount to gain to the tune of tens of
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billions of dollars, unfrozen assets, lifting of sanctions on trade with the international world to have this crisis bleed into what could very well be the weekend when that deal is implemented and those sanctions are begun to be lifted would have enormous costs. and really for all factions we talk about divisions in iran, but for all factions in that government. and that's something that it appears they weren't likely to sacrifice. >> you can only imagine the reaction if those american sailors were still in custody as we speak right now. it would have been very angry. thanks very much, jim sciutto, for that. in an exclusive interview i sat down today with one of america's closest allies in the arab and muslim world, jordan's king abdullah ii. i asked him about the seizure of those ten u.s. sailors and about his concerns over iran's behavior. as we speak, ten american sailors have been freed from iranian custody. it was a brief incident. does jordan trust iran? >> oh, we have relations with
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iran, but we obviously see their involvement beyond their borders in yemen and in africa. obviously they're involved in ir iraq, syria, lebanon, afghanistan. so we have to contend with their presence beyond their board ergs. >> as you know in the coming days the u.s. and other international partners are going to lift sanctions. and $100 billion maybe will flow into iran very, very quickly. they can do with it whatever they want. is that a source of concern to jordan? >> it's a concern to a lot of us in the region. and i think further afield. so that's what i said, there's a linkages between the nuclear deal and how iran performs on the other portfolios. and so i think they're going to be held up to how they perform also on those other sectors. and we'll have to see how that
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happens and where we hold them accountable on what other potential mischiefs may be found. >> much more of my interview with his majesty king abdullah. that's coming up later this hour. right now joining us republican senator james risch of idaho. he's a member of both the intelligence and foreign relations committee. senator, thanks for joining us. what can you tell us about how these ten american sailors, nine men, one woman, were detained, the conditions? >> well, wolf, i think pretty much what i can tell you has been in the news. it is pretty straightforward. there's no admission at this time in any event that the vessel was in iranian waters. what a lot of us -- how a lot of us view this is the sailors were very lucky. they were only a few days away from the iran deal that the president negotiated going into effect, which would cut loose about $100 billion.
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everyone knows it is the worst kept secret in the world that iran is very, very desperate for cash. they're going to get their hands on about $100 billion or more in cash. i don't think that they wanted to see that held up for one minute. and i think that that's the reason this thing ended the way it ended. the way this ended is not typical of the way iran does things. >> but you got to give the secretary of state john kerry, i assume you give him some credit for the quick phone call to the iranian foreign minister javad zarif to get these sailors out of there? >> of course. >> and the criticism we heard yesterday from some of your republican colleagues that the administration should have been more forceful, the president should have addressed this directly in his state of the union address, the administration fearing if they would have done that that would have elevated and could have made it even more precarious for those american sailors. with hindsight certainly those
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admonitions, do you believe, were misguided? >> well, i think in hindsight right now the thing -- first of all, the sailors never should have been taken in the first place. secondly, they certainly shouldn't have shot propaganda film. they certainly shouldn't have interrogated them. but having said all that it ended quickly, it ended peacefully. and always after a fashion this is how you want something to end. again, i come back to the fact that i think that the $100 billion has a lot more to do with it than anything else surrounding this. >> because some experts, naval experts, have pointed out and you heard it in barbara starr's report from the pentagon that if the situation had been reversed, if iranian -- two iranian patrol boats strayed into u.s. territorial waters with ten iranian sailors, the u.s. presumably might have done the same thing to them that the iranians did to the americans. you buy that?
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>> maybe. it would depend upon the circumstances, where it happens and how it happened and whether or not they were able to resolve whether it was accidental immediately. so i'm not sure that you can compare one to the other. certainly it's a legitimate speculation. >> senator, i want you to standby. there's much more news we need to discuss. let's take a quick break. more with senator risch right after this. those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. i drive to the hoop.
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we're talking to senator james risch. senator, standby. there's breaking news we're following. the fbi now investigating the ambush shooting of a philadelphia police officer as a
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terrorist attack. our justice correspondent pamela brown is following the story for us. what's the new information, pamela? what's the latest? >> well, the fbi director james comey said today in pittsburgh while he met with the field office for the first time that this was a terrorist attack. this attack against the police officer in philadelphia by this suspect edward archer who walked up and shot at that officer 13 times in the name of isis, according to officials. that attack is exactly what the terrorist group has been encouraging. and it comes a month after san bernardino, the terrorist attack there. i had an exclusive interview today with the attorney general loretta lynch. and i asked her about these terrorist attacks recently asking if this is the new normal, she said that is a big concern. wolf. >> we're going to have some of that interview coming up later here in "the situation room." pamela, standby. i want to bring back republican senator james risch of idaho. he's a member of both the intelligence and foreign relations committees. i assume you agree with the fbi director that this was in fact a
2:18 pm
terrorist attack, or is it simply being investigated as a terrorist attack? >> well, obviously it's under investigation. but you don't have to be a rocket scientist or a philadelphia lawyer, i guess, to figure it out. when you heard what he was saying about promoting isis and doing this in the name of isis and doing exactly what isis has been calling for on the internet. it needs to be looked at as that. and it's just another one of a series of these that we're having that are becoming way too frequent and it needs to be prosecuted as such. >> you heard president obama in his state of the union address say isis doesn't pose an existential threat to the united states. serious threat, but not an existential threat. your response. >> well, clearly he's correct in that isis is not going to bring down the united states. we're more likely to do that with our spending habits. having said that, are they a
2:19 pm
danger individually? of course they are. you can go out and talk to any of the victims now, and there's been a number of them across the country over the last year either as survivors or people who have been injured by isis inspired attacks. and they would beg to differ with the president as far as the level of concern about this. this is something to be concerned about. isis is so much different than al qaeda in that regard in that they have been very, very successful in inspiring these attacks skb indeed in some cases directing these attacks. >> as you know some say this will be a generational war this battle against isis and the other terror groups out there. a generation is, what, 20 years? you think it is going to be a 20-year war? >> well, your interview with king abdullah was, i think, very instructive in that regard. you have to remember that this man, the king is viewed and regarded in his culture as a
2:20 pm
direct descendant of the prophet mohamed for the generation. he used an arabic term to describe all of these groups whether it's al qaeda, isis, daesh, boko haram or all nusra, as outlaws within the islamic religion. given his standing people should listen very carefully to what he has to say. having said all that, also he is a great friend of the united states. he shares really our view of what these people are doing in the name of islam and that it is not something that people of islamic faith do support. he's careful in that regard. he's optimistic, in the short run obviously he wants more
2:21 pm
help. but in the long run he feels that this is a struggle that's going to go on for some time. >> he is a great friend of the united states. i totally agree. >> he really is. >> everybody who knows him agrees with you on that point as well. senator, thanks very much. by the way, we're going to have more of my exclusive interview with jordan's king abdullah. that's coming up later this hour including his eye opening take on donald trump's call to keep at least on a temporary basis muslims from entering the united states. what's the king's reaction? much more on that. much more on the war on isis when we come back. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes.
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i sat down here in washington today for an exclusive interview with one of america's closest allies, jordan's king abdullah ii. i asked him about the war on isis and the fallout from terror attacks in this country which has led some very heated rhetoric -- let to some very heated rhetoric out there on the campaign trail. what's your reaction to donald trump saying that there should be a temporary ban on muslims coming into the united states until the u.s. can figure out what's going on? >> well, i think that's the same challenge that we're being pushed to at the moment with the group that we're talking about. we're saying to those, you know, we've had this comment given to us by the united states that you need to allow these refugees into the country. so we're going back to the united states where these comments have been made saying, look, we understand, we are trying to bring these people in. but we're trying to make sure that the mechanisms that we put in place, make sure it's never going to be foolproof, but we're
2:27 pm
going to try and make it as sterile as possible. you know, we're accepting 50 to 100 every day from an area that we know there's a major danger. obviously it's those that are ill, the elderly, women and children. i know some people could be callous and say they allow women and paris recently, women fornia unfortunately have been part of terrorist organizations and terror strikes. but we can't ignore and just keep refugees isolated. so you just got to be smart. and you've got to think with the heart. >> because donald trump isn't just talking about refugees. he's talking about all muslims on a temporary basis not being allowed to come into the united states. you're a major muslim leader of a muslim country. you hear these comments. your reaction. >> you're into election cycle, so i don't think it's fair for you to ask a foreign leader to express his opinion on
2:28 pm
candidates in your country running for election. >> in president obama's state of the union address, he said that the fight against isis should not be labeled another world war 3 because that, he says, plays into the hands of isis propaganda. you've called this war against isis almost like a world war 3. do you see this war against isis now as world war 3? >> i've said the war against the outlaws of islam is a third world war by other means, which is probably slightly different. how i explain it, it's not justice is. all these groups from either philippines, indonesia, all the way to mali, these are all the same whether it's isis, boko haram, al nusra, wherever you find them around the world all the way from asia to the african continent there is a full out war of counterinsurgency
2:29 pm
warfare. this is a global struggle that brings, as i've said, many times, muslims, christians, jews, other religions fighting alongside us as we fight our civil war inside islam. >> the iraqi prime minister says isis can be defeated this year. in the president's state of the union address he says this is a war that's going to go on, it's going to be a generational war. what's your assessment? >> well, again, let's make the differentiation. when we say isis, syria or iraq, this global war against the outlaws of islam, so isis, syria and iraq can be defeated fairly quickly, but the global war what i call the third world war by other means is one that is a generational one. hopefully the military security aspect is a short-term -- or the military part is the short-term. the midterm is going to be the intelligence and security aspect. the long-term is the ideological one and the educational one. >> and that's a generation war.
2:30 pm
>> that's a generational one not only inside of islam as we regain, we as muslims, regain the supremacy against the crazies, the outlaws of our religion, but also reaching out to other religions that islam is not what they have seen being perpetuated by 0.1% of our religion. >> and the u.s. says most of the air strikes against isis -- u.s. air strikes, the coalition, other countries whether the europeans, jordan, uae, saudis, maybe 6% of the air strikes. the suggestion is you, the coalition, is not doing enough. >> i know the figures or the amount of air strikes that we did, not counting the amount of air patrols and reconnaissance flights we did, we've been hitting tremendous amount of nontargets. we've always wanted to hit more. and i think that having a good
2:31 pm
relationship with a secretary of defense and there's a couple of new generals in the pentagon now that i think want to fix and go over. i think you'll see an increase in tempo. there's been some good operations. i can say from the jordanian perspective we want to see a bit more. that's one of the reasons why we've visited d.c. it comes down to this issue of sin kron anization. how do we bring it together? this is what's been discussed over the past few months and what we're trying to do now. what is jordan's maximum effort and what can we do to really close the circle, iraqis do, kurds do, turks do in coordination with the rest of the coalition. vienna is very important because how do we deal with the russians? in my view if we can get the russians to be part of the synchronizization, even better. that's a problem between moscow and washington.
2:32 pm
>> do you believe that russia and iran dealing with the future of syria might abandon bashar al assad, the syrian leader, and allow him to sort of abdicate, move away? >> my discussions with president putin is we need to move the political process forward as quickly as possible. obviously there are those countries that say bashar has to move today. and the russians are saying not before 18 months. and i'll talk about this from our point of view because obviously we have the free syrian army in the south. and we're working with the russians of creating a cease-fire with our forces in the south. and i specifically have discussed with putin you can't expect young men and women to put their arms down and abide by a cease-fire if there's no movement on the political process in vienna. they're not going to sit there and do this for two or three months and not expect something
2:33 pm
to happen. so the russians are fully aware that sooner rather than later we have to have a mechanism that allows the process to move forward. and i think we all understand that that does mean a departure of bashar. >> king abdullah's visit here to washington by the way included meetings with vice president joe biden, the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, top members of congress, but there was no meeting originally scheduled while the king was here in washington with president obama. the white house communications director jen psaki cited scheduling conflicts when i interviewed her here yesterday in "the situation room." today i asked the king during our interview if he felt he was being snubbed by president obama, he replied he didn't feel he was being snubbed. he said they would be having another meeting next month. he said they speak all the time. but this afternoon suddenly the white house announced the hastily scheduled meeting between king abdullah and the president at joint base andrews
2:34 pm
outside of washington, d.c. there you see a picture released by jordan. much more of my exclusive interview with king abdullah. that's coming up later here in "the situation room." he has a lot to say. also coming up, the republican brawl. new attacks on the fight between donald trump and ted cruz. and now conservatives vent their fury at south carolina's governor. >> but first, i want to say a few words about president obama.
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the long running truce between republican presidential front runners donald trump and ted cruz appears to be nothing but a memory at least tonight. both candidates are going after one another, but that's only one of the fights we're watching inside the republican party right now. our jeff zeleny's in florida waiting for donald trump to appear at a rally there. what's the latest, jeff? >> reporter: well, wolf, you almost need a score card to keep track of all these arrows that are coming donald trump's way. the latest is from the republican governor of south carolina who mentioned trump in her official response to the state of the union address. but it is that fight with ted cruz that's been intensifying. and it could be behind one of the reasons that ted cruz's surge is slowing down. never mind their fight with president obama, hillary clinton and other democrats, republicans have a brawl of their own that's brewing hotter and hotter. >> ted cruz is a problem. i mean, he's got a problem. >> reporter: donald trump tore into ted cruz again today raising more doubts over his
2:40 pm
citizenship. on twitter trump wrote, sadly there's no way that ted cruz can continue running in the republican primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility. dems will sue. cruz struck back going beyond defending his u.s. citizenship to questioning trump's character. in a radio interview, cruz said it's clear his campaign surge has rattled trump. he told voters to consider the billionaire businessman's values, suggesting trump has little in common with voters in iowa and new hampshire. >> well, look, i think he made a shift in his new rallies to play "new york, new york" because donald comes from new york and embodies new york values. >> reporter: for his part trump blasts "born in the usa" at his rallies, a not so subtle jab at senator cruz. a strategy could explain how trump has narrowed the gap from
2:41 pm
10 points a month ago to 3 points now. with trump on top in the republican field in national polls, the gop establishment grows more concerned. in the party's response to president obama's state of the union address, south carolina governor nikki haley challenged the rhetoric of her own party's front runner. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: haley told reporters today it was trump and others she was calling out. >> donald trump was not the only person i talked about. i know people want to say that's what it was. what i would say to mr. trump is don't take it personally. >> reporter: the governor's comments touched off a firestorm from some conservatives. anne coulter tweeted, trump should deport nikki haley. trump said haley, a rising republican star, was off his short list for vice president. >> i wouldn't say she's off to a good start based on what she has just said. but i feel very strongly about illegal immigration, she
2:42 pm
doesn't. >> reporter: and, wolf, it is another day and another very large donald trump rally. look behind me here. we're in pensacola, thousands of people are expected here. they've been lining up for hours. and the event is not for some two more hours here. but when you talk to these supporters, they are on donald trump's side without question here. they are not supporting the establishment in this fight or ted cruz for that matter. they are true believers, true donald trump supporters. the question the voters in iowa and new hampshire of course have their say first at this. that iowa vote begins in less than three weeks time, wolf. >> it's amazing how quickly the days are going by. thanks very much for that, jeff. let's get some insight from our experts. our cnn political commentator s.e. cupp, chief political analyst gloria borger and david swerdlick. these new polls within the margin of error, trump is doing a lot better in iowa according to this poll than he was a month ago. are his attacks on the so-called
2:43 pm
birther issue working? >> look, i think if you look at the polls you'd have to say they are having an impact raising questions about cruz. which is why you see cruz now kind of frontally attacking donald trump. in the past, or at least when trump first started this he's not a natural born citizen issue, cruz was kind of more low key about it. he said, you know, it's settled law. >> laughed it off. >> he did. and he did jump the shark. and now he's talking about, you know, i don't get my national security and knowledge from the sunday shows talking somehow, i don't know what this means, the new york connection with donald trump. so he understands this is effecting him, so he's punching back at the bully. >> do you think it's working? >> you know, those polls are so tricky. and iowa is so tricky. in that same poll those same people, 83% of them, say they are not bothered by the fact that ted cruz was born in canada to an american woman.
2:44 pm
56% of them say their front-runner could be changed. so i don't know. it's really tough to diagnose iowa voters. and what's working and what's changing the needle there. if i were ted cruz, i would continue to laugh this off. i would just take the high road on this. i don't think iowa voters in particular are scared of cruz's sort of otherness. >> but i got to tell you, in your newspaper, "the washington post," david, had a major article today by a legal scholar at the university of delaware law school who says she doesn't like much of what trump says, but on this issue whether ted cruz is a natural born citizen she makes the legal case he is not and as a result not qualified, not eligible to be president of the united states. i assume you read that article. >> yeah, a lot of people are talking about that piece. mary mcmahon wrote it she's a legal scholar. she makes this argument point by point about the fact that cruz is not eligible. i have talked to some top legal
2:45 pm
scholars who strongly disagree. i actually talked to harvard's lawrence tribe briefly today and he actually said, he's skeptical of this argument. in addition to that, you know, he thinks that cruz would be a hypocrite to essentially assert that he is a natural born citizen because he's a constitutional strict constructionist, which is kind of the argument against him. >> can i just say one more thing about cruz and the polls and everything? >> yeah. >> if you look at this poll, 23% of these potential caucus goers, i don't know what we call them, say that cruz is their second choice. so he is in a good position, natural born citizen or not. he is in a good position right now. >> a great position. >> to kind of leapfrog trump or stay at the top because of this second choice issue. if you have a lot of undecideds and they're taking a look at cruz, i think he's still in a
2:46 pm
really, really good position to just get -- >> nikki haley the governor of south carolina delivering the official response to tstate of union getting a lot of high marks from the white house press secretary josh earnest saying what she had to say at least without mentioning trump by name but clearly referring to trump they said, josh earnest, that took some courage. you liked what she said. >> well, look, nikki haley has made national news twice in the past year. one for taking down the confederate flag on state grounds in south carolina after that awful shooting in charleston. and second, last night for calling out donald trump. let's be very clear, only one of those things took courage. the other was common sense. and when republicans are trying to win over more voters instead of fewer, calling out donald trump and there are other republicans who have done this too for alienating those very voters we're trying to get, is just common sense. i think it's sad that it was considered brave of her to do. i think it was just the right thing to do and i thought it was
2:47 pm
a very good message. she spent equal time contrasting obama's fantasy land version of where we are with trump's distaupic, you know, doom and gloom version. and told voters there's a middle ground here. it's not all great. it's not all terrible. let's stay in the same center. >> my question is how much of this speech was vetted by the so-called republican establishment. because she also dumped on leaders in washington by saying we bare part of the blame, right? >> to your point, gloria, and i agree with you about the shape of the iowa race. here's the thing, the way i see it is trump and cruz are both closer, wolf, right? and they're trying to get separation from each other. they're trying to go out here and sort of slug it out. now, they've been clinching all this time with in terms of nikki haley though i think the thing is that she sort of went out there and said, look, i'm going
2:48 pm
to play in the establishment because otherwise -- if she wants to be a vice president, she's not going to be a vice presidential running mate for trump. >> not anymore. >> not necessarily with trump, but she potentially could be a vice presidential running mate. we'll see what happens down the road. >> a great pick. >> not with rubio. >> republicans aren't the only ones fighting. the democrats are at it as well. much more on that when we come back. ♪ ♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in the u.s. virgin islands and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice good how are you? how you doin'? so today you're gonna choose a mobile office. you can choose this chevy silverado which offers built in 4g lte wi-fi.
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2:53 pm
finished a campaign rally. >> reporter: telling cnn he's not surprised at the sharp tone this campaign has now taken saying that he thinks that's exactly where their campaign should be focused right now. [ cheers ] >> reporter: hillary clinton launching an all out blitz against bernie sanders. >> as senator sanders has very big ideas, but he hasn't yet told anybody how he would pay for them. >> reporter: challenging her rival to get specific. >> i've been laying out, you know, very specific policies for months now and telling people how i would pay for them. i'm asking that senator sanders does the same thing. we need to move now from generalization to specifics, so people can see what the differences are. >> reporter: the clinton campaign alleging sanders is strategically with holding information from voters with issue after issue to make it through the early state contest. >> we have differences on guns, taxes, on health care and i think people should have that information before they go to
2:54 pm
the caucus or primary. >> clinton pressing sanders in a tv ad to clarify his position on gun control. >> it's time to pick a side. either we stand with the gun lobby or we join the president and stand up to them. i'm with him. >> sanders telling cnn's dana bash his stance is clear. >> i stand with the president on gun issues. the idea of expanding instant background checks, the idea of making sure that people have criminal backgrounds or a mentally unstable should not have guns, something i believed in my whole life. >> reporter: clinton strategy prompting the sanders campaign to say details how it would pay for some of its propels. the escalation of combat comes as a poll shows sanders is closing the gap nationally on the heels of sanders taking the lead on iowa and new hampshire polls. chelsea clinton on the attack. i want want to empower
2:55 pm
republican governors to take away health insurance for middle income and lower income working americans and i think that's what senator sanders' plan would do. >> reporter: a charge sanders is brushing aside. >> as much as i admire chelsea, she didn't read the plan. >> reporter: bill clinton campaigning for new hampshire says the back and forth is a natural part of the primary process. >> all they are doing now, which they should be doing is talking about the differences in their positions. that's good. >> reporter: and hillary clinton insists she is not nervous. she stands right now even though her focus and tone and rhetoric really sends a different message, wolf? >> thank you. iran frees ten u.s. sailors but not before one of them is shown apologizing. to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance.
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happening now, under duress, ten american soldiers ceased and one apologizing, possibly by force. what happened? did iran get its hands on sensitive u.s. military equipment? >> jordan's king. my exclusive interview. we talk about fighting isis and if more can be done by the u.s. than allies and the growing refugee crisis. what's the reaction to ban muslims from coming to the united states. north corkorea may have doctore video of a missile launch to
3:01 pm
make it look successful and taking on trump from president obama's state of the union speech to the official republican response by south carolina's governor, donald trump getting hit on all sides and tonight, what he's saying about the rising gop star nikki haley. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're "the situation room." no official apology from the united states government but video of an american sailor apologizing for straying into iranian waters raising questions about the seizure of ten u.s. navy personnel. iranian state television showed the sailor calling the incident a mistake saying, i'm quoting now, it was our fault. all ten sailors were later released. iran, one of the top picks i discuss in my exclusive
3:02 pm
interview with king abdula, ii of jordan. he's concerned with what iran may do with hundreds of millions of dollars they may receive as part of the nuclear agreement with the west. $100 billion potentially in the next few weeks. we're standing by for a donald trump campaign event and his possible response to the indirect slams against him and president obama's state of the union speech and the official republican response by the south carolina governor nikki haley. he remarks infuriated some conservatives and spotlighting a growing divide over trump inside the gop. we're covering all of that, much more this hour with our guests including congressman andre carson a member of the intelligence committee. he's one of only two muslims in the united states congress. also our correspondents and expert analysts are standing by. let's begin with iran's release of the ten american sailors and an apparent apology by one of
3:03 pm
them. jim show tciutto is working the story. we have dramatic images of the incident. >> u.s. officials calling into question the on camera apology that we see in that iranian state tv interview with that navy crew member. u.s. official saying clearly this stage video exhibits a sailor making an apology in an unknown context as an effort to diffuse an intense situation and protect his crew but the sailor said one more thing again on iranian state television. that's that the iranians took control of their boats with gun drawns, weapons drawn and that would run counter to the u.s. narrative of a diplomatic victory in this incident. >> u.s. sailors on their knees, their hands up and behind their heads. this is the moment ten americans were detained by iranian guards after mistakenly entering iranian waters. >> the iranian patrol boat came out having engine issues and had
3:04 pm
weapons drawn so we tried to talk to them until more boats came out and took us in. >> reporter: the sailors spent the night in iranian custody fed and given blankets before they were freed early this morning. u.s. officials made clear that secretary kerry did not apologize for the incident but iranian state tv aired video of what appeared to be an apology by one of the navy crew. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for the mistake. >> reporter: it remains unclear if it was made under duress. they released the sailors. the sailors departed on the same two river rein command boats they had been captured on and headed to a naval missile cruzzcruz cruiser positioned in the persian gulf and transferred to the aircraft carrier and flown to shore. secretary kerry who called his iranian counter part five times on tuesday credited the new
3:05 pm
diplomatic ties between the two countries for the resolution of a potentially tense standoff. >> i think we can all imagine how a similar situation might have played out three or four years ago. in fact, this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and officially resolved and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe. >> reporter: but tonight, some are questioning just why u.s. sailors found themselves in this situation in the first place. >> my concern is that the u.s. navy professional incompetence put these sailors in harm's way without giving clear rules of engagement or an exit plan from iranian territory waters. >> officials seemingly on point calling this a diplomatic victory and tweeting happy to see dialogue and respect not threat swiftly resolve the sailor's episode. let's learn from this latest example and it is true, wolf,
3:06 pm
that you wouldn't have had this diplomatic channel a couple years ago before the nuclear negotiatio negotiations, which clear helped to resolve this but there are five americans being held in iran including the washington pose reporter and all that friendship, all that diplomatic communication has not led to their release by any means. >> a u.s. form er marine held fr years. thanks for that jim sciutto. let's get more on the investigation. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is working her sources for us. barbara, it's still not clear how the boats actually wound up in the iranian waters, is it? >> not clear at all. pardon me, the crew is being debriefed but you're beginning see ripples of concern from republicans. john mccain of course a highly deck waorated veteran raising concerns that the administration isn't take thing seriously enough. look at this video. this is the iranians taking
3:07 pm
video for propaganda purposes of u.s. military personnel and distributing it worldwide. this is not supposed to happen. when mariners are in din distre they are to be rendered aid and released. administration very oddly some feel not even responding to the notion that the iranians are using these sailors for their own propaganda showing them on their knees, stripped of weapons, interviewing them. the u.s. central command putting which governs and oversees military operations in the east putting out that statement a short time ago saying the sailor was making an apology and i quote in an unknown context as an effort to diffuse a tense situation and protect his crew. so you see the u.s. navy sailor in the eyes of the pentagon trying to protect his crew. the iranians making these propaganda videos, there is no other purpose for them and the pentagon not even responding to it, at least not yet, wolf.
3:08 pm
>> i'm sure they are doing a full review, right, to make sure it doesn't happen again. post what are you hearing. >> they are trying to find out what happen. did in fact, they have an engine failure? did that really happen? the sailor speaking under dur s duress? did they make a mistake and drift into iranian waters. did the iranians force them into iranian waters. these are the things they are being asked. i think it is logical to assume that somebody in the u.s. military more than 24 hours later after the incident has some indication of what happened, but the sensitivity because of everything jim just talked about, diplomacy, nuclear agreement, you are just not yet seeing the white house, the pentagon or the state department ready to talk about it. >> barbara starr at the pentagon. thank you. let's dig deeper into this with democratic congressman andre
3:09 pm
carson of indiana. he's a member of the house intelligence committee. congressman, thanks for joining us. what are you hearing? this a forced confession, forced apology by this u.s. sailor? >> well, what we know at this point is that it was accidental. i think something could be said of the great work that the administration has done led by secretary kerry and his iranian counter part and the iranians informed us in a very timely fashion and they will release them and so i think it speaks to the greatork of diplomacy that the united states has done in terms of bringing iran to the table and bringing them further into the world community. >> there is some concern as you know congressman that iran potentially could have extracted sensitive intelligence from the two u.s. military vessels. are you hearing concern about that? >> at this point, there's no concern. i mean, this isn't an issue of the united states versus iran. again, as i've said, the
3:10 pm
iranians have -- they notified the united states in a timely manner, which we appreciate and they have promised their release in the next few hours and so i'm more concerned about iran coming to the table to the international community and looking what they would do with a negotiation at hand in terms of the implantation that we are waiting for. >> there's a lot of concern as you also know that yes, these ten american sailors were released but there are four or five, six u.s. citizens including a washington post reporter, a form er marine bein held by iran showing indication they are ready to give up any of these americans held in iran. you want them back, obviously. should that have been put on the table for the $100 million iran is about to get in ease sanctions? >> it's something we have to push the issue on. we have to remember that iran is still largely considered to be a state sponsored terrorism, and so as we look at the
3:11 pm
implantation date that is looming, these are things that we'll have to talk about. we'll be monitoring the situation closely but i can say this isn't the time for politicians like myself and colleagues to stir the pot or to even fan the flames. we have to give them time to come through with their promise and we'll see what happens from there. >> stand by. we'll take a quick break and there will be much more from congressman right after this.
3:12 pm
3:13 pm
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3:15 pm
. there is breaking news we're following. the shooting of a police officer that pledged allegiance to isis,
3:16 pm
that incident being investigated as a terrorist attack. a tipster told police the accused gunman edward archer has ties to a group with radical believes. the officer suffered serious injuries but expected to recover. that's good news. we're back with andre carson of indiana. he's a member of the house intelligence committee. congressman, the fact that this is now being investigated as a terrorist attack, you looked into this. what do you know about any connections the shooter may have had with overseas terror groups? >> what we do know is that there are scores of people who are now being self-radicalized. they are going online. they are going to social media sites and looking at individuals and even groups who share their value system or who share their skewed belief system and what is happening is that we're working with the administration and they are countering violent extremism effort where you have faith
3:17 pm
leader, rabbis, pastors and other leaders along with psychologists and educators and parents and families who are taking this, if you see something, say something approach where we can all kind of have this community of information to intervene and even to twort those who want to do us harm. >> do you think policing tactics need to change if isis is deliberately targeting police officers as the suggestion out there is? >> well, there are over a dozen police models, the commonly known police model is community policing but there is another model called problem oriented policing and models that can be implemented truly look more closely at other extremists groups outside of isil. concerning now is police departments across the country have to look at retooling especially in the police academy and look at minority
3:18 pm
recruitment. we're seeing where law enforcement has abused powers in many ways, not only in the african american communities but muslim where you have muslim communities being spied upon without having established a reasonable suspicion or probable cause. law enforcement agencies are wrestling with changing the way they recruit and operate and changing the way their training models have been over the past few decades and so i think a part of the problem oriented policing model and community policing model has to deal with greater recruitment efforts of minorities and greater recruitment efforts of minorities. >> you speak with some authity. you're one of two muslims in the united states congressman right now. what's your message to muslims around the country as far as trying to help stem this potential terror threat? >> i think that there are a lot of groups on the ground doing a phenomenal job already.
3:19 pm
you have groups like impact. they are doing a great job. you have other groups across the spectrum. groups like emerge and i can go on and on. you have c.a.r.e. and african american muslim community at the forefront of the fight for over 100 years now particularly beginning in the late 20s and early 30s with their anti violence initiatives and really starting their own communities and grocery stores and businesses to give alternatives to people who would become self-radicalized or disillusioned because of economic conditions. i think that the muslim community in a post 9/11 reality is kind of dealing with how the community can come together over 8 million muslims in the country, of course, they are not but make greater contributions not only to the country but take a stance against extreme miagai
3:20 pm
>> nikki haley made references to some of the republican presidential candidates. listen to this. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. no one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. >> she's the daughter of immigrants to the united states from india. the white house says what she said last night took courage. do you agree? >> oh, absolutely. i commend governor hailey. she witnessed the struggles of her own parents and look at our immigrant community in this country and there are folks that have come to our country and starting businesses and helping to put americans back to work and making tremendous contributions. i think you have politicians who
3:21 pm
want to tap into the worst part of our fears and anxieties and stir the political pot. but the american people are smarter than that and i think we'll see in the next few years the immigrant community really, really have a greater political presence and something politicians should look to in terms of cording their vote. >> congressman carson, thanks very much for joining us. >> always an honor, thank you. >> thank you. there is now information coming in tonight about sean penn's controversial interview with the fugitive mexican drug lord "el chapo" guzman recaptured in the deadly raid last week. our justice correspondent pamela brown has details. what are you hearing from your sources? >> reporter: well, we've learned from our sources that u.s. law enforcement was aware of a connection between the actor sean penn and "el chapo" even before that mexico visit last october, communications between sean penn and the actress kate
3:22 pm
del castillo. they picked up text messages between "el chapo" and del castillo. when sean penn arrived, u.s. authorities were made aware but they lost track of penn and the fear is he was going to meet with "el chapo" in a location where an of rage was about to be launched to capture the drug kingpin. this is a conversation i had with loretta lynch. >> we learned an operation back in october on a mexican compound where "el chapo" was believed to be hiding was delayed because of the belief that there may be two americans there including sean penn. what role did your office play in that decision? >> the operation that did capture "el chapo", as well as the efforts to bring him to justice after his escape were operations of the mexican government. we're tremendously gratified the capture was successful and we
3:23 pm
look forward to having "el chapo" face justice in an my can court. if you look at the number of american cases he's involved in and depth and breath of the criminal organization and the money he's siphoned off americans addicted to the poison he pedals. he's an important target for us. >> reporter: she made it clear she wants to see "el chapo" face justice here in the united states. wolf, back to you. >> pamela, thank you very much. just ahead, my exclusive interview with jordan's king abdula. his country has taken in more than a million refugees. what's his reaction to the refugee debate raging here in the united states right now? plus, the republican governor of a critical early voting state slamming donald trump and exposing a deep gop divide. we're standing by to hear from donald trump tonight. will he react?
3:24 pm
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now my exclusive interview with king abdula, theii. one of america's best friends of the middle east and the exploding refugee crisis, jordan is currently on the front line. republican presidential candidate ted cruz called allowing syrian refugees into
3:29 pm
the united states, donald trump the republican front runner says taking in syrian refugees could be a trojan horse in the united states. when you hear these comments, what's your reaction? >> there are trojan horses in there, we definitely know that. you have to be careful about the screening. at the same time, we can't let the 80% of refugees of 90% of refugees suffer at the same time, so it's always going to be a balance of your moral code of being able to look after people that are in flight to the balance of security and this is something we always have to deal with. >> how many syrian refugees has jordan accepted? >> well, more -- we have about 1.2, 1.3 million refugees but accepted more than that because some have come in and gone back into syria and some have gone to other countries. >> here in the united states
3:30 pm
there is a big debate. administration says maybe 10,000 will be able to come in. do you believe the u.s. is doing enough to help syrian refugees? >> well, we have been challenged recently because there is 12,000 or 14,000 refugees across our border on the eastern side that have not been allowed to come in except for very strict screening. part of the problem is they have come from the north of syria, from raqqah which is the heartland of where isis is. there are isis members inside those camps. and we have tremendous pressure from ngos, other countries that keep telling us that we have to let them in and vet 50 to 100 every day. we do have our government and military and hospitals, as well as ngos on the other side looking after them but the pressure we get from the international community saying look we got 1.2 from humanitarian and moral point of
3:31 pm
view, you can't question our determination but this particular group has a major red flag when it comes to our security and so we're being very careful on vetting. i tend to understand when other countries are concerned, but at the same time, we can't ignore the refugees and we have to let people in. >> what's your reaction to donald trump saying there should be a temporary ban on muslims coming into the united states until the u.s. can figure out what's going on right now? >> i think that's the same challenge we're being pushed to at the moment with the group that we're talking about. we're saying to those, you know, we've had this comment given to us by the united states that you need to allow these refugees into the country. so we're going back to the united states where these comments have been made saying look, we understand we are trying to bring these people in but we're trying to make sure that the mechanisms we put in place, make sure it's not going
3:32 pm
to be foolproof but make it as sterile as possible, but like i said, you know, we're accepting 50 to 100 every day from an area that we know there's a major danger. obviously, it's those that are ill. the elderly, women and children and i know some people could be callous and say let all the women in but in california and paris like we've seen women have been part of terrorist organizations and strikes but we can't ignore and keep refugees isolated. you got to be smart and you've got to think with heart. >> because donald trump isn't just talking about refugees. he's talking about all muslims on a temporary basis not being allowed to come into the united states. you're a major muslim leader of a muslim country. you hear these comments. your reaction? >> you're into election cycle so i don't think it's fair for you to ask a foreign leader to
3:33 pm
express his opinion on candidates in your country running for elections. >> the saudis as you know executed a shiite collleric. the saudi severed diplomatic relations and countries, the u.a.e. and kuwait and qatar severed relations. jordan didn't. why? >> well, we are in coordination with the saudis. we took a firm position against what the iranians did. we fully support our saudi friends and we took the position that we took. we would end the iranian ambassador and expressed our displeasure. this was done in coordination with our saudi allies. we have an amazingly strong relationship with assad. my relationship with his majejey
3:34 pm
the king and this was the position we worked out between ourselves, and again, don't forget that we are part of the vienna talks when it comes to syria. so it was felt that having us in a bit more of a flexible position at the talks is probably more prudent at this stage and obviously, there is now a heightened tensions between the saudis and the iranians that is going to play out in the vienna talks but more importantly, what i think the saudis looking at the higher moral ground don't want this to escalate into a regional sunni conflict so i think everybody is trying to make sure we can calm this down and focus on what needs to be done at the vienna talk table. >> i know you have jordan has good relations with saudi arabia but did you have a problem with their execution, the beheading of these terrorists? >> no, they told us about this before hand. this is an internal issue and we
3:35 pm
respect obviously their decisions and internal decisions cycle and as we said, we fully supported what they had to do. >> your majesty, you've been generous with your team. thank you so much and welcome to washington. >> thank you very much. king abdullah's meeting, the white house communications director sited scheduling conflicts when i interviewed her yesterday here "the situation room." today i asked the king if he felt he was being snubbed by the president of the united states, he replied that he did not feel he was being snubbed. he says they have met often in the past but guess what? earlier this afternoon, suddenly, the white house announced the hastily scheduled meeting between the king and president joint based andrews outside washington d.c. this photograph released by
3:36 pm
jordan. good thing they met. just ahead, a rising gop star slams donald trump infuriating some conservatives and shines a spotlight on a growing republican rift and new evidence, north korea may have doctored video of a failed missile launch to make it appear successful. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media.
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donald trump holding a campaign event tonight in florida. will he react to the not so subtle dig the governor nikki haley made when she gave the republican response to the president's state of the union address. our chief political correspondent dana bash is in south carolina tonight for us. her remarks outraged some conservatives and highlighted the gop's trump divide shall we call it. what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah, they certainly did. you can see on here at a ted cruz event in south carolina. he is kept his aim squarely at president obama, not even talking about address last night given by the home state governor here, nikki haley but of course, that is a lot of the talk within the republican world today and i spoke to somebody close to nikki haley who said when she was asked to give this speech, the speaker of the house said it would be your ideas, your words. the republican response is
3:42 pm
supposed to rally the party. this time this part made many in the gop livid. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. >> reporter: conservative talk radio host laura ingram called it insane to use the platform to chide her own party. >> this is about intimidating, demonizing and rather lame attempt to dismantle the growing pop list movement in the country. >> reporter: tweets trump should deport nikki haley but the daughter is standing by her decision to stand up against over heated rhetoric on the gop c campaign trail. >> i stand by what i believe. this country is better when we work together and acknowledge theact that the fabric of america is based on legal
3:43 pm
immigrants. >> reporter: hailey was asked to rebut the president's state of the union. both have expressed concern about the direction and future of their party in the wake of donald trump's call to temporarily ban all muslims from america. still, a hailey advisor tells cnn that when republican leaders in washington asked her to deliver the gop response, she said yes only on the condition she would have full control over what she said. >> it was my speech. they let me write it and to their credit, they didn't try and keep me quiet. >> reporter: the fact that haley is the governor of south carolina means republican candidates are forced to decide whether to side with her, further illustrating the gop divide. marco rubio threw subtle -- support saying he was proud of her. >> she did it without a single
3:44 pm
sip of water. [ laughter ] >> reporter: meanwhile, the bromance between donald trump and ted cruz is over. cruz' lead is shrinking in iowa and trump continues to question if the canadian born cruz is eligible to be president tweeting today sadly there is no way that ted cruz can continue running in the republican primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility, dems will sue. trump is even playing "born in the u.s. a." at rallies. >> he may shift in rallies to playing "new york, new york" because donald comes from new york and embodies new york values and listen, the donald seems to be a little rattled. >> reporter: now that is quite a different tactic for ted cruz who for months and months has said explicitly he's not going to respond in kind to donald trump but as his numbers have
3:45 pm
slipped in iowa, a cruz source says it was clear they had to show that he could stand up for himself and that is what he did but he is not mentioned donald trump once here. one thing i do want to mention that cruz got today was what he certainly considers a key endorsement. phil robertson of ""duck dynasty"" put out a video for the web and on it phil robertson talked about the fact he had criteria for who he would support. one of the criteria, will they kill a duck and put him in a pot and make him a good duck gumbo. wolf? >> dana bash joining us in south carolina, dana, thank you very much. let's get more joining us our cnn political reporter kn eer n mallika henderson and david. gloria, donald trump was very successful in undermining jeb bush. can he do the same thing to
3:46 pm
senator cruz? >> he's really trying and i think cruz has a point when he says donald trump is kind of getting a little nervous because when you look at -- when you look at these numbers, cruz is above him now in iowa and, you know, while it's within the margin of error, i think cruz has a very good shot at winning iowa because if you look at the polling, when you ask voters who is their second choice, 23% of potential caucus goers say cruz is their second choice. so, you know, i think they are neck and neck and i think cruz is taking the gloves off because he's got to be sure that he keeps, that he keeps trump at bay and i think both of them should be a little nervous at this point. >> yeah. >> nickki haley was widely prizd by some democrats including josh earnest. she also faced some bitter
3:47 pm
criticism from conservatives. how does this impact her? >> you know, i think she is exactly where she wants to be. we're talking about her here on this panel. she did a fantastic job in terms of the performance of the state of the union response. that's always a difficult thing to do and she did it, i think, magnificently in terms of the content, she is raising eyebrows and this is really a flash back to where she was in 2012 after she was elected. she endorsed mitt romney, a tea party folks were not happy with that. she was at about a 35% approval rating but you flash forward to now. she's at 80% approval rating in south carolina, the most popular politician. tim scott in second. she's exactly where she wants to be. she had a rough road there, tea party folks buoyed her and put her in office and at some point were upset with her because she was in locks up with the legislature not taking them on enough but here again, she is upset at some tea party folks
3:48 pm
and consecutives but she's certainly trending in political circles. >> she certainly is in south carolina early state right after iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, nevada. she is getting support praise from someone like marco rubio. donald trump not so happy with what she had to say. does under score the split, the divide inside the gop right now. >> it under scores the splitut i think governor ha haley is yo, a woman, of color. she's an attractive candidate for someone looking for a vice presidential running mate and thought look, i might be able to take a chance and show where i stand and make myself stand out from the pact with that message let's tone down the rhetoric and i want to be a moderately toned -- >> she pointed out she's the daughter of immigrants from india last night. >> here is what is amazing about nikki haley. she said what she wanted to say.
3:49 pm
these speeches are usually pretty canned, and, you know, i was wondering in the last hour whether her speech was vetted. it had been read by the leaders, republican leaders of congress but they didn't really change anything and they might have disagreed with some of what she said but she has enough standing within the party to say okay, the only way i'm going to do this is if i do it on my terms and they understand what a powerful message she has and they kind of backed off, which, you know, i think is sort of remarkable. i mean, they read her speech and all the rest, but in the end, i think this was nikki haley's message and don't forget, donald trump has to compete in her state and so far doing well there. we'll have to see what kind of an impact. >> you know who else is doing well, bernie sanders right now. take a look at this poll in new hampshire. this is this is a neighboring state to vermont. he's at 53%. hillary clinton 39%. another poll in iowa, he's gone
3:50 pm
from 40% back in december to 49%. now hillary clinton has gone from 51% down to 44% in iowa. he points out that he thinks there is a good chance he could win both iowa and new hampshire. >> and their sense is that they would be able to slingshot off of those two victories and then to well in south carolina making the comparison to what then senator obama was able to do in 2008. if you look at polls in south carolina, he's not doing so well. only gets about 10% of the african american vote down there. that rhyprimary will be 50% afrn american. so he has a real challenge. they are talking about surrogates like killer mike and they roll out more. >> because all indications are hillary clinton does really well in the african-american
3:51 pm
community among democrats right now. >> absolutely. i mean, bernie sanders is not for lack of effort. he has met with leaders of the black lives matter movement, he has sort of addressed some of these issues of deep concern to african-american voters in debate. but to your point, when you get to the southern states particularly, the democratic primary base is heavily african-american and he doesn't do as well. >> we will continue these conversations. just ahead, a very different story we're follow. north korea, did it have a successful missile launch. new evidence suggesting the video is a fake. ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart.
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we're following the disturbing rise in tension between north and south korea. now evident along the demilitarize ed zone and there growing concern over how far kim ju kim jong-un will go. >> closely watching north korea's volatile border with south korea. we are again seeing cross border incur and they are calling on the north koreans to dial it back. but tonight we're told kim jong-un could be ramping all of this up because it's likely helping him internally. >> reporter: north korea's violent erratic young leader's
3:57 pm
latest provocation, triggering gunfire. tonight the heavily fortified border is on a razor's edge of a south korean forces fired at an unmanned drone. it quickly returned, quote, towards the north. what was likely the mission? >> it was probably tactical recognizan recognizance. it's likely they were trying to figure out troop disposition. the second thing obviously probably provocation. >> reporter: kim jong-un is also engaging in an intense propaganda battle. in seoul and some border city, south korean troops picked up leaflets dropped by north korean balloons, an incitement to attack south korean's president. south korea had launched its
3:58 pm
open propaganda in recent days. loud speaker broadcasts blaring across the border following north korea's fourth nuclear test. in any potential escalation, americans and their allies are this the cross fire. >> what i really worry about is the fact that we have tense of thousands of troops u.s. and south korean like a trip wire, both sides are standing there armed and facing on of for all this time has resulted in the death of u.s. soldiers on multiple occasions. >> reporter: analysts say look for kim to keep the dangerous game going. >> kim jong-un is willing to engage and continue prop provocations in part because it benefits him domestically. he tells his people north korea is now detonated allegedly a hoe droe again bomb and this means north korea is now a member of this very elite club. >> reporter: u.s. officials say it likely wasn't a hydrogen bomb, but tonight kim is again threatening nuclear war with the
3:59 pm
u.s. could he carry out that threat? >> he is crazy enough to create an incident that could go nuclear. but i don't think he would launch a nuclear weapon except in the most desperate straights. but he could miscalculate. he's fully capable of miscalculating. >> reporter: and here is another weapon that kim could miscalculate with. north korea boasted in recent days they have conducted a missile launch from a submarine. is this a freeze grab of video p but analysts say the test may have been a failure, the video appears to be edited. on the left they see black smoke and several can motiexplosions. another agency says they believe that the north koreans launched this from a barge under water and not a sub. wolf. >> they still could have that capability in the future, though, right? >> that's the key thing to remember. they are working hard on a sub launch missile, 38 north, this
4:00 pm
group that monitors them constantly says they could have it by 2020. >> thanks very much for that report. thanks very much to our viewers for watching. "outfront" starts right now. next, breaking news. donald trump telling "outfront" nikki haley is right, my interview with the republican frontrunner this hour. plus bernie sanders has the momentum leading clinton in iowa and new hampshire. what is his behind surge. a special report from the ground. and ten american sailors released by iran after they apologize. tonight new details about the moment iranians boarded the american ships. let's go "outfront." fwrs. good evening i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, breaking news. donald trump saying nikki haley is right, he is angry. the republican frontrunner speaking to "outfront" j


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